Face coverings would help Trump win in 2020 election

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Trump election 2020 face mask

Face coverings don't protect YOU from getting the virus, but they do impede the spread of the virus. Click here to see
actual video footage of "breath vapors" expelled during talking and breathing. If we all wore face coverings, the virus wouldn't be able to spread, and it would go away.

FOX NEWS: Fed's Kaplan says
wearing face masks is key to US economic growth. Widespread usage of face masks could be pivotal in aiding the economy's nascent recovery.

Marc Benioff: Face masks can end the U.S. coronavirus pandemic in 'just three weeks'. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says face masks can stop the coronavirus crisis in the U.S. in "just three weeks."

Want to grow the economy? Wear a mask, federal reserve president says. Dallas Federal Reserve President Robert Kaplan said wearing a mask can save the economy.

Masks offer much more protection against coronavirus than many think. There is a common refrain that masks do not protect you; they protect other people from your own germs, which is especially important to keep unknowingly infected people from spreading the coronavirus. But now, there is mounting evidence that masks also protect you.

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